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Tackling our moods


Although we would like to pass our chaotic emotions off as ‘that time of the month’, unfortunately we can only use that special pass for a week, so how are we meant to keep control for the rest of the time? Take comfort from the fact that you are most definitely not the only one, and look at the different ways of tackling your extreme moods.


Some of our sadness is a direct result of an incident and is a normal feeling. However, a more worrying kind is a sadness that doesn’t improvement and is unwarranted. Depression can arise from a number of triggers and with so many forms and manifestations it becomes difficult to recognise it in yourself. Having a flat mood, with no usual motivation to do anything and a difficulty concentrating are all depressive symptoms. Small steps can be made by yourself in order to manage these feelings such as trying to break the cycle of negative thought through diverting your attention. Or for those of us who are more physical, exercise can be a great way to handle our emotions as it uplifts our mood due to release of ‘happy’ hormones. However, if symptoms are not alleviated speaking to a health professional is a crucial next step to stop those feelings from becoming overwhelming and impacting other areas of your life.


With our hectic lifestyles extreme stress is something we encounter frequently. Our bodies cant help but to physically break under the pressure to attend to everything in our lives which often results in something being forgotten in the background. In stressful situations it’s important to identify where our triggers lie. Do you get stressed when you know your child has to walk home alone, or when your workload gets too big? Prioritising and resolving those things one by one will eventually lead to a manageable lifestyle. Speak to one of our Pink Moods life coaches to help create a realistic plan to reduce stress.


Jealousy is a deep, rattled worry bred from an insecurity. It can be as horrible to those feeling it as it can when it causes certain unkind behaviours to be directed towards other people. Just like feeling confident, jealously is natural and experienced by everyone at some point. Handling jealously is where what separates destructive behaviours with fleeting thoughts. Jealousy is one of the emotions we have difficulty controlling, as its motives can seem easy to disguise. Saying to your partner they’ve not been giving you enough attention, or undermining a co-worker in front of your boss can all be hidden under the premise that someone else is to blame. When actually the thought starts and ends with you.


There is the common assumption that anger problems are more associated with men, yet with increasing stress put on women we can just as easily become agitated and prone to the occasional explosion. A little bit of healthy anger release in a safe, isolated area by screaming or punching a pillow is almost therapeutic.[Anger management techniques] The problem with anger is sometimes we don’t know when it will build. What starts with an observation of our partner chewing loudly, then eventually turns to the volume and frequency of chewing seeming to increase. We begin to feel agitated until one chew later and those fiery white hot flashes of anger have burst out of you. These outbursts of fury often come as a great surprise to the recipient and where you were initially trying to protect their feelings you’ve damaged them to another level. Releasing it in a constructive way by talking it out, will nip it in the bud, which will make it easier to deal with at that level but also gives others a chance to defend themselves.

We are women, unfortunately our mood swings are vast and powerful so having a good artillery to protect yourself from when they hit could be key in avoiding any negative conflicts. For support through many moods visit our Video Mood series to play over and over whenever you need a bit of extra support.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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