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The 6 things preventing you from succeeding


Nothing worth having ever came easy, but sometimes it feels a little too difficult to succeed. We think we have everything in order, all our plans made and our resources checked, but we’re struggling to make that breakthrough. Here are six things that will prevent you from succeeding that you might not have realised:

Not setting goals

To-do-lists and daily diaries aren’t for everyone. There are certain types of people who do not mesh well with micromanagement, but setting goals are something you can’t avoid. Breaking down your path to success with achievable signposts is not only motivating but also helpful [6 ways to create goals that can really change your life] Setting goals requires you to think carefully about what needs to be done and when in order to succeed. If you don’t think this through in a thorough manner, you might cause yourself unnecessary problems later down the line. Set some goals in our motivating network here. 

Not taking risks

Trying to succeed in an area where other people already dominate is not a wise move. You shouldn’t be giving yourself a steeper uphill battle to success than necessary. The word ‘risk’ sounds scary, but doing things differently to the norm creates opportunities to succeed in areas no one has thought to yet. By not conforming to the trends set by other successful people, you’re enabling yourself to become a competitor to them.

Not admitting when you’re wrong

You can’t avoid mistakes but they are often the most well-learned lessons. You will not fail forward, however, if you don’t acknowledge where you went wrong. Pride and saving face is a form of denial, and it will manifest if you don’t confront what you’ve done wrong and put it right. Staying in denial means staying stuck in the same place, stopping all progression towards success.

Not asking for help

Taking account of your weakness and circumventing them can be the greatest strength you have. No one has ever achieved anything alone. They have received guidance, advice, favours and assistance at some point on the journey to success. It’s better to have someone help you in an area you’re not experienced or skilled in than attempt it yourself and do a sub-par job. Asking for help doesn’t take away from the effort you’re putting in and will ultimately contribute to your personal growth.

Not doing the hard parts first

Procrastination is the enemy of success, particularly when it comes to confronting the difficult tasks. Anything that is complex, emotionally challenging or requires serious commitment should be done first. In terms of your timeline, the quicker it is done, the less likely you will be prevented from succeeding as you move forward. [Where does your drive for work come from] There’s a psychological trick behind doing the hard parts first – you gain extra motivation and energy to tackle the easier parts later.

Not believing in yourself

This can be the hardest to change. Self-esteem and confidence are deep-rooted parts of us, and you may not initially realise that a lack of them is getting in your way. It’s good to take a moment to consider whether you really are your biggest supporter. It’s great to have other people believe in you, but when it comes to actually succeeding, you can only rely on yourself to do it. [How to realise your own self worth]

Intelligent and inspired people shouldn’t have the misfortune of never reaching the peaks of success they know they are capable of reaching. It is often the case that some of these people struggle because they don’t realise they are in their own way. Think carefully about these six points and ensure you’re not preventing yourself from succeeding.


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