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The annual life review- what you need to do every year to make it


Every time January rolls around, the dialogue of change flares up. The New Year serves as a solid temporal marker to make a change in your life, to reactivate the gym membership, to call up old friends, to ditch the bad habits. This is all positive, but sometimes resolutions can be too resolute. They are often superficial, measurable actions that you force yourself to take, leaving you demotivated before you start. So, what if you kept that desire to change, but took it to a deeper level? Instead of thinking of things to change on the surface, such as your appearance or your social life, think of ways to change your inner most self. Exploring and evaluating who you are as a person every year – an annual life review – can lead to more permanent changes than setting a target weight or banning yourself from shopping on weekends. Read on to see what five qualities you need to review every year.


It’s easy to become lost in the haze of getting the kids to school, filing those reports on time and reaching immediately for a wine glass every Friday evening. Making the time to assess your values can help you get out of that haze. Put life into perspective and you’ll realise that a lot of the sacrifices you make are down to social pressures or invented problems. For example, choosing to spend time with your partner or family over overtime initially sounds unrealistic, but a lot of people don’t need the extra money nor would they lose favour at work. If you’re not one of these people, then the change might need to be your job [Feeling trapped? How to break free from your unhappy job]. You only get one chance at life and committing to your values will make it a happier one.


A purpose is stronger in value than a benefit or a perk. There might be something you do that you don’t enjoy but ultimately has great purpose. Likewise, you might enjoy something but it has no purpose, and therefore it takes time away from other more fulfilling or enriching endeavours. Take the time to evaluate your life choices and whether they are a force of habit or provide only temporary pleasure. If you struggle to think of a purpose to a task or activity beyond those two, then it’s time to stop doing it. It’s important to live with meaning and not let life pass you by. For expert help on finding your purpose with useful reflective exercises download our free ebook here.


Thinking of a mission is less destructive than creating numerous resolutions. The latter often involve negative and absolute language that make you feel coerced into doing them, such as ‘stop smoking’ or ‘only have one takeaway a month’. A life mission is singular and is often something you truly care about, resulting in long-term dedication, no pressure to hit targets within weeks or months and the ability to review your plans for completing that mission. By committing to a mission, you take a more positive, aspirational approach and prioritise the changes that are important and helpful, whether it’s becoming a CEO or adopting a healthy lifestyle [6 ways to create goals that can really change your life]


We aren’t all here to become celebrities and world-renowned talents. The value of your legacy lies in quality rather than quantity. Every person’s life is lived in their immediate experience of the world. It’s important to reflect on what impact your life is having, especially on the people who are a part of it [11 Ways to be memorable]. It gives a sense of great fulfilment to know you are living in a way that positively affects your environment, community and loved ones.


The final step of reviewing your life is assessing your strengths, the tools you need to navigate the changes you make. By reviewing your strengths, you automatically look at yourself from a positive frame of mind and focus on your capabilities. Resolutions are formed from looking at your weaknesses. In choosing to look at your strengths, you make goals that feel attainable and enjoyable within the year rather than burdensome.

The greatest asset to performing a yearly life review is the room it gives you to grow. It’s in human nature to constantly evolve and a lot can change in a year. By checking in with yourself to regularly assess and adapt to your current life situation, you stay true to yourself. Forget resolutions and keep the dialogue of change positive in this New Year with a life review.

You can add the above elements in your personal dashboard and find eBooks, planners and bite sized videos to help you to better understand all of the aspects above and bring it to life. Join now for support and motivation all year round!


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