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The benefits of living alone


Being a single woman has undergone a transformation. The days of depending on a spouse to financially and emotionally support you are long gone, and in its wake we are left with the highest population of single women the world has ever seen.

But, why do we see this as a bad thing? If you have recently come out of a serious relationship, you can and you will be able to live on your own and enjoy it, despite the stereotypes.


Being a single woman is often oversimplified. All types of women are unattached and there is no single type that we need, nor indeed want to adhere to.

Media depictions have done nothing to help the bad reputation of single women. To be single is to be unhappy, ultimately. The more light-hearted will have you crying over rom-coms, the more serious will make you feel that being a single mother is the worst thing in the world. Basically put, the image of the single woman needs a reboot, and most importantly it needs to be factually correct. The changes are fortunately already underfoot. We’re starting to view single women less as Bridget Jones and more as Samantha Jones.


The main adjustment required when entering singledom is the downsize. Instead of seeing this as going from two to one, see it as no longer being a half, but now a whole. This has many benefits, ranging from less frequent visits to the petrol station to having more room to stretch when waking up, but it does admittedly take some getting used to. The aim after a breakup is to become selfish again.

You need to embrace the new found freedom of living alone. This isn’t to say that being in a relationship is restricting, but by nature they do involve compromise. The challenge of keeping two parties happy no longer exists, so look after number one. By falling out of love, you have the opportunity to fall in love with yourself [5 ways to be kinder to yourself], so take it.

Being single isn’t about being alone. Spend as much time with friends and family as you want, go on as many dates as you want [How to mask your nerves on a date] and do as many of the things you enjoy or want to try as you want, because your decision is final.If you want some dating tips visit our Video Moods series for advice.

Learning to love again

Living alone is not your choice when you break up with someone, but living with another person is. To avoid any rebound mistakes [Signs That You Are On The Rebound], take the time to be alone and understand the kind of person you are and what you want from your next relationship, based on what you learned from previous experience. This is a good opportunity to grow and become stronger. Sometimes, learning to love again requires being alone for some time.

Learning to live alone again can be an encouraging and enriching experience, especially if dating appears intimidating. If you do feel ready to date again, try not to be sucked into the many fads that clog up the dating scene, from speed-dating to online-dating. You could meet anyone anywhere and find that spark. The one lesson to take from leading your single life is that opportunities have never been so open to you. The world is your oyster. If you have not had much luck on the dating scene to date and want a bit of help to discover who the love of your life could be, then visit our Self Discovery eBooks and take the quizzes to help you learn more about what is right for you.


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