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The best way to bring more luck into your life


We believe that ‘luck’ is something we have no control over, and that some people are just luckier than others. The fact is that having good luck is the chance of something successful happening to us, and if we view it this way there is many more opportunities for us to bring more luck into our lives. We just need to find the best way to do it:

Positive thinking

Positive thinking about situations in our lives can greatly increase the luck we experience. If we are able to maintain a positive attitude in the way we approach decisions in our lives we are more likely to take risks that could result in luck being brought our way. Negative mental states means we may feel fear about change, or worthless because we don’t have success and so we don’t attempt to change our situation. A change in luck can only come from that, a change. But making changes in our lives means that we feel strong and determined and this only comes from a positive mindset. Positivity attracts further positivity, so if you lead your life with an optimistic view it is less likely that you will feel as though you are being restricted.


Whilst the existence of karma is debated among many, the idea that if we do positive things, then they will return to us is a prospect that can only serve to do good in our lives. Although there may not be a power acting on us to return good fortune when we complete good deeds, living your life by this mantra not only helps you bring positivity to others but can only help to invite good luck back into your life. Going out of your way to help those who need it can come back to reward you in many ways when you least expect it. And promoting good feeling in others will only serve to help you lead your life in the best way possible. So even if you don’t believe in karma, even considering this prospect could be the thing that stops you doing something hurtful and encourages you to do something positive. Being nice to others will naturally mean they will do so in return and so your luck is likely to be on a high!


Every time you find that your actions have resulted in good fortune in your life then note it down. It can be useful to reinforce yourself of the fact that you have been able to take control of your luck. Every time you may feel your luck is down and you have no energy you can be reminded of what being pro-active about chasing after good luck has achieved in the past. After a while these events will become more than just a coincidence and it will become second nature to make an effort to receive the good luck you deserve.

Work harder

Getting the job we want or the relationship we want doesn’t tend to fall into our hands by chance. Those things we wish we had good luck for are often the ones we have the power to control, and if we have control then we can steer the odds in our favour as much as possible. Sometimes unfortunate knocks to our confidence can result in us feeling as though we are just destined to have ‘back luck’ and so we leave ourselves to suffer within it. What we don’t realize is that some of the things we wish for are ones we can seriously influence, just by putting in the time, effort and a bit of determination. Fear of putting ourselves out there in case we may be hurt is what stops us and so we would much rather put our reliance on something that seems to be out of our influence so that we can defend ourselves against potential failure. Life is full of successes and failures, but not opening ourselves up to these opportunities where our luck can change means that we are failing ourselves every day.

Bringing luck into your life is simply about a change in attitude, if you change your attitude to one of positivity, extend this to others and work harder to get what you want you are more likely to see a return from this kind of behaviour, and once you have proof that it works you are able to believe that you can have any kind of luck that you hope for. We may not get the outcome we want every time but this is only an indication that our path is not meant to lead this way. Start changing your luck now by setting goals (link to goal setting page) and see what good luck you can achieve by taking hold of your future.


Photo Credit: Copyright: luismolinero / 123RF Stock Photo

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