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The habits of happy people


When we are working our way through the rougher times in our lives, our eyes often linger on those who exult happiness and positivity and we wonder where we are going wrong. It’s rarely the bigger things, like wealth, success or attention that make happy people, but the small day to day habits that keep them boosted regardless of what they are confronted with.

Contributing to the tip jars

Is there a more apparent sign that somebody is having a good day than a generous contribution to the tip jar? In the broader context, happy people like to help others out. Their ability to not be caught in the doom and gloom of their own problems gives them time to look beyond themselves and see where others might need their help more. A study explored the happiness of people who do voluntary work and found that they experienced better physical health and less chance of depression.

Take time to appreciate the little things

Once again, those who are happy with their lives can take the chance to give their mind a rest and focus on the small visible luxuries they see around them. Noticing a beautiful sunset on the way home from work or admiring the fresh flowers in the park. These small jewels of pleasure are even nestled among an unhappy person’s life, all it takes is focusing outside of yourself to view them.

Positivity Magnets

Positivity breeds positivity. [5 Powerful Positive Affirmations]. Happy people spend time with other happy people because it makes them happy. Being around someone who tends to sap the cheer from you can be hard to notice as you can easily be brought down with them. Look for the people whose phone calls you dread or plans you flake out on. It could be your body’s own subconscious way of telling you that these people aren’t very good for you. Try spending more time with your uplifting friends and see the wonders that has on curing your mood.

Maintaining their close relationships

Happy people are grateful for relationships they have, and take the time and effort to tend to them. [How to feel loved]. Sometimes in our stressful lives it often leaves us neglecting some of the most important things we value like our relationships with loved ones. Happy people have careful control of their priorities and will make the time to go and visit friends or give their parents a phone call because that is something that contributes towards their happy feelings. If all your time is spent focusing on the job you hate, yet you only manage to briefly see your partner for 2 hours in the evening, then how are you expected to have a positive attitude?

They look on the bright side

What would happy people be if they couldn’t look on the bright side? It requires a certain level of resilience to make light out of negative situations, but adopting the attitude that if you fail at something it just obviously wasn’t meant to be, can take the pressure and responsibility off all the tasks you undertake. A little faith that fate is in action can quickly steer us on from the negative and into the positive situations in our life.

If this has confirmed to you that you’re a happy person then whatever your doing is working, if not why not try out the habits of happy people and see what it can do for you. If you want some mood boosting and empowering advice to access wherever and whenever then visit our Video Moods series.


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