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The key behavioural traits of positive women


Positivity relies on optimism, determination and happiness. It’s about being content with yourself, being open and friendly with others and being hopeful for the future. Keeping a positive outlook on life can prove testing, but it isn’t impossible.

The key behavioural traits of positive women relate to lifestyle and involve using cultural and societal views and trends towards women as an advantage.

1) They are in regular contact with friends and family

Positivity tends to come from secure attachment with others. According to psychological theories, our security within our relationships can have a serious impact on our achievements and wellbeing, including education levels, self-esteem and social skills. Being on good terms with family but also valuing your independence means that you have secure attachment.

2) They have a good daily routine

Positive women look after themselves. They have a good diet, sleeping pattern and can relax when necessary. This good routine means they are able to handle their workload and maintain their relationships effectively. Being in poor health can have a negative effect on your mood and cause your relationships to deteriorate.

3) They aren’t self-conscious

Positive women respect themselves and have confidence in what they do. They value their individuality and try to live as openly and honestly as possible. They don’t keep many secrets and aren’t ashamed of who they are. The lack of inhibition means they have more trust in others and therefore leave a better impression with others. They tend to be friendlier and more welcoming because they have nothing to hide or be insecure about.

4) They are resilient

There are still many obstacles in the way of women professionally and socially. The pay gap continues to be a problem despite statistics confirming that women now make up over half the labour force in the UK. Irrespective of such issues, positive women continue to work hard. Even in the face of adversity, they will try and overcome it, in the belief that reward will be waiting for them. If you don’t try for something, you’ll never have the chance to get it.Try to consider your own self talk and to avoid the statements that could be ruining your life.

5) They actively avoid negativity

Positive women will always a have a nice word to end the conversation with, prefer to kill people with kindness and always have their best face to show to the world. No matter how bad things get around them, they make the effort to bring a little light to the situation. They believe that adding to the negativity will only make things worse.

Positivity is an attitude. It is not the events in your life and how they conspire. Being positive relies on how you approach situations in your life, good and bad, and how you can contribute to making them better even when the power seems to be out of your hands. To be positive, take a hard look at your life and find the sources of happiness in it. Appreciate them and use them to help you when going through hard times. If you struggle to find the answers on how to be more positive within yourself, then watch our Video Moods series to help to become more positive and empowered about your life.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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