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The key to learning to accept praise


Accepting praise always seems to be a tricky conundrum for people, even in this day and age. We want to show our gratitude and make it clear we are flattered by compliments, but also want to remain modest. This can lead to some awkward – and often hilarious – situations, but on a serious note, it’s reflective of our culture against self-love. It’s often hard to accept compliments due to not wanting to appear like you agree, not wanting to seem too cocky or arrogant. In truth, you wouldn’t – it’s simply self-confidence, and that in itself is the key to learning to accept praise.

Praise yourself

To accept praise you should accept yourself  [How to realise your own self-worth]. The first barrier to accepting praise – before you even consider the words of your response – is the ingrained belief that you don’t deserve it, and it’s important to remove that barrier. Make an honest self-assessment – all your qualities and achievements whether superficial or not – and learn to be confident in the whole. People often find it harder to accept their best attributes rather than their worst, but an important part of being confident is taking the good and the bad equally and making peace with it. When you open yourself up to embracing who you are and increasing your self-esteem, you won’t be so anxious or worried about accepting praise. [Grow your self-confidence] 

The Repercussions of Modesty

People often employ the tactic of modesty when accepting praise, thinking that some mild self-deprecation makes them appear humble and genuine. In truth, modesty is the worst route to go down. When you try to be modest, you’re taking power away from yourself. Your opinions on yourself and your self-worth are more important than the opinions of others, so when you give negative opinions on yourself, they stick out more than anything anyone else says about you. It can cause you to become invisible and inward-facing. Always be positive when accepting praise, even if you don’t agree or offer an alternative opinion, because what you say about yourself has the biggest impact.

So what exactly do you say when accepting praise? Now that it has been made clear that being self-confident and positive about yourself is the foundation to accepting praise, what are the correct words to phrase it? Firstly, always thank a person for complimenting. If you’ve worked hard at something and you get praised for it, you’re allowed to enjoy it. If you get praised for something you never thought you’d be praised for, you’re allowed to be flattered. Secondly, you can express humility without putting yourself down, you just have to be honest in what you say. If you don’t personally agree with what somebody is praising you for, you can admit to it and express that it means a lot to you that they think differently. You can also offer a compliment in return, if you genuinely mean it. To access tools to help develop your confidence and gain clarity join our empowering club now. 


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.