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The power of a letter


Personal letters have become a rarity nowadays, beautifully written confessions of the heart that have travelled far and wide just to reach you, have been replaced by fibre optic broadband and the ping of a Facebook chat. But how can we not miss the feel of a freshly stamped envelope or the familiar handwriting of our sender? Even birthday cards are beginning to lose the personal touch of handwriting, so now is the time more than ever to rediscover the power of a letter.

The post

Who looks forward to the post anymore? Bills, adverts, pizza menus…not exactly heart- warming declarations. What a surprise it would be to clear our porch and among the junk find a letter with our name written, yes written, on the front? If you’re not receiving any letters, why not be the first to send one? If you know of a friend or family member going a difficult time, what could be a better way to show thought and consideration than to send a letter that you have taken your time over? You never know, you could even get one back…

Social media confessions with ‘friends’

Although kind words exchanged with friends on social media sites are still pleasant to receive, it unfortunately takes away the butterflies we get when we think about the time taken to carefully select the words that fill the page. This is not to say that we are not grateful for the many ways we can contact our loved ones, as the pain of still waiting between letters was no doubt close to excruciating. But wouldn’t it give us an excitement to receive something that is truly personal?

The good old days

Some of us might be lucky enough to have access to our parents and grandparents letters from wars. What could be more passionate than a letter received from a loved one in great danger? They documented the highs and lows in the evolution of relationships throughout those hard times. The messages were worth savouring, after all if you’re going to write a letter that takes weeks to arrive then you better put some thought into it. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your own collection of letters that you can read and re-live the uplifting feeling from your past? Or would you rather scroll back on old text conversations?

Writing letters to yourself

If nobody will write you a letter, why not write one to your future self? You can do this here and send your goals and dreams in our time machine to the future to remind you where you were before and to check in on yourself as to whether you got to where you wanted to be. What could be more uplifting in 5  months or 5 years’ time than opening up an email and seeing that you have completed what you always set out to do? Whether you write a physical letter and ask a family member to store it away for you, or you use the safer delivery method of our time machine,  you never know what you could achieve by writing down your dreams and goals. It can also be fantastic to check in and see how far you have come and to see if you have even surpassed what you had expected. If the stresses of your life are taking their toll it would be nice to have a reminder of what your dreams used to be. If you’re not achieving them, then you can change it. Join our goal setting network here for some motivation and support. If you want to give a very personal gift to a friend then give them the gift of empowerment and inspiration by giving them a lifetime membership to Pink Moods here.

Whether it’s your partner, friend or just your mum – sending a letter here and there, among all the other mediums of contact, can be a sweet way to maintain the level of depth to your relationship where on social media it might be lost.



This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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