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The power of being judgment free


‘Never judge a book by its cover’ is an enduringly popular proverb in society, and it has only become more prevalent. As we move towards becoming a more accepting society, we promote the ideals of living without judgement and allowing people to express themselves openly. Teaching ourselves to not judge others, however, isn’t a straightforward process. We are all guilty of making judgements – we make them everyday. It takes an active, conscious effort to be judgement-free, but it’s a powerful way to be when you reach it. Read on to learn more about the power of being judgement free:

Why we are judgemental

Being judgemental goes back to the beginning of time. As part of means of survival, it was important for our ancestors to develop a sense of discernment. Being able to assess people, animals, food and general situations of danger correctly was vital, and first impressions were often the only basis this could be built on. In the modern day, our judgement abilities have become overly sophisticated, to the point that first impressions no longer serve much of a purpose. Our nuanced emotions, such as trust, betrayal and forgiveness, and the diverse way our society has developed, mean that judging someone on a first impression is too difficult to do correctly.

How to challenge these judgements

You need to push yourself to overcome judgements. We often form a prejudice based on a bad experience we have, and as a form of defence, we avoid anyone slightly associated with that prejudice as a means of protection. The problem here is that you’re not respecting other people’s opportunity to express themselves properly. You’re also creating a false means of protection by identifying the danger incorrectly. For example, if you were attacked by someone with tattoos, by not associating with tattooed people or assuming they are all violent, you’re putting yourself at risk of being attacked by someone who isn’t. The danger is the aggressive personality rather than their image.

Judgements are personal. They belong to you and aren’t the faults of others. They are a barrier that you impose on yourself, so you can remove them too. Have compassion and consciously make an effort to interact with and talk with people you have had negative first impressions of. You’ll find that your judgement is more likely to be overturned than not.

Living without judgement opens you up to more opportunity, and chances to improve on your knowledge, abilities and experiences which you don’t have access to when you make fast judgements or presumptions. The stress and negativity that affects you when you judge somebody no longer impacts on your life, and can really lighten the load. The true power of being judgement-free, however, is the kindness you could show to somebody who is used to be stereotyped and consequently avoided. By not judging, you could be making their life a little less difficult.

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This article was contributed by Pink Moods.