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The power of self-acceptance


We often talk up the benefits of self-acceptance on a personal level, without delving into how self-acceptance can influence others around us. The truth is, self-acceptance is more a life skill than a part of who you are. That statement can seem confusing, since it is a psychological skill rather than physical, but it is a skill you develop through nurture rather than nature [The art of acceptance]. If you master it, you can actually increase the impact you have in your career, social life and many other avenues. When you are truly self-accepting, you can unlock a lot of power within you.

Self-acceptance leads to knowledge

When you are truly self-accepting, bad habits such as denial, avoidance and negativity don’t cloud your judgement. [How to face up to feelings of denial] You approach life in a more straight-forward manner, meaning you are more capable of seeing truth and gaining wisdom. You become more open to learning, making mistakes and improving as a person.

Self-acceptance leads to respect

When you are truly self-accepting, it means you truly embrace your weaknesses and limitations as much as your strengths and potential. Having a genuine confidence in who you are and full knowledge of who you are means you close off people from disrespecting you or from thinking it is acceptable to question you. If you constantly put yourself down, you’re enabling others to put you down. Realising your self-worth is how others can see what you are worth. [31 ways to increase your self-worth]

Self-acceptance leads to success

The power of self-acceptance is about knowing what you have the power to change and affect. [Looking for love? Start with yourself] By accepting yourself, you hone in on the greatest assets and abilities you have, in order to make positive changes. This ultimately brings you greater success than trying to ‘have it all’. Try thinking of self-acceptance as like closing a deal in business. When two companies reach agreement, they open themselves up to greater opportunities. With self-acceptance, this is an agreement between your conscious self and your unconscious self. Shake hands and move forward to better opportunity.

Self-acceptance is an important life skill because of how it can open life up for you. Instead of being introverted, self-deprecating and emotionally unavailable, you become more extroverted, self-confident and emotionally intelligent. Making the best of who you are and what you have to offer is how to get the most out of life and give the most you can to others. For empowering support, inspiration and tools to help you get more out of life join our community today. 


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.