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The power of visualisation in making your dreams come true


Visualisation of dreams is a common trait in successful people. After all, those who achieved the greatest things dared to reach the seemingly unattainable, which is what a dream is. To do something that not a lot of people have done means you must place great value on your dreams and don’t dismiss them or overanalyse them with logic. If you want success, it might be time to get serious about dreaming, and there are factors to doing dreams right.

Definite outcomes vs indefinite outcomes

Visualisation requires adaptations depending on what you want to achieve and how. The biggest differences come from the type of outcome. The definition of victory in a sports match is going to be different to the definition of victory in starting a business. Sports matches have defined criteria, last for a certain amount of time and have measurable success. They are completely quantitative. Businesses can involve different ideologies, aims and success rates. They are more qualitative in measurement. Decide what type of success you are looking to achieve, and make your plans appropriate to the outcome. Focussing too much on comparisons to other businesses, for example, might not help you make your own successful if yours is of different scope and size. On the other hand, sports tend to have certain strategies and tactics that all successful players and teams use. You can adapt your goals to them straightaway.

The role of fantasy

The art of mental practise relies on imagination and fantasy, but it still enables you to improve and develop the skills needed to make your dreams come true. A popular technique amongst athletes, psychological analysis has shown that physical practise of something becomes more effective when you practise it mentally too. Carrying out a successful process in your imagination means you are more likely to carry out the process successfully in reality too, because the belief and calculation going into your vision makes you think you can do it and helps you figure out how to do it. The imagination can be your rehearsal space. [Why the sky's the limit] To best utilise the mind, base your visions on solid statistics and research. Look up the most successful methods to achieving what you want to achieve and imagine yourself doing them before trying to replicate them in real life. If you want a useful tool that helps to clarify and realise your dreams, then use our time machine that acts like your own coach and checks up on you at an allotted time to see if you are on track to reach your goals!

When fantasy becomes delusion

Fantasy doesn’t work if your goals aren’t realistic. [Download our goal setting worksheets and guide here] Be honest about your limitations and your current status. What can’t you do currently that you need to do in order to succeed? Figure that out and focus on gaining the necessary skills before focussing on your dream. Pre-preparation is sometimes necessary if you’re going after something currently out of your comfort zone. Similarly, fantasy doesn’t work if it isn’t you in the fantasy. Self-affirmation and confidence is needed to give you the will power to succeed. [Visit Video Moods for some confidence building and goal setting tips] Don’t dream about what other people are doing. Others may have inspired you, but you must put yourself first and make your imagined self look and feel unique in success. [Why you should live your life without comparisons]

How to make dreams a reality

Dreams are our most treasured goals, but they remain dreams unless we make them real. [How to find the power to become what you dream of] Hard work has no substitute. Visualisation can be motivational, but do not focus too much on the end result, because the work that goes before it takes up the majority of the time. The image of success is a fleeting moment, so make it a fleeting thought. It’s what needs to pop in your head at the right times when you are at your lowest ebbs. Train yourself to see the worth of what you’re doing every time you hit an obstacle, instead of thinking of the negatives.[21 things you need to do to avoid negative thoughts]

Our imagination can be very powerful, and controlling that power is a great responsibility. You need to be able to handle your dreams so you don’t lose focus, productivity or a sense of reality. Remember that everyone has to start from the bottom, so use that thought optimistically. If essentially anybody can do it, so can you.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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