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The questions you need to ask yourself if you are feeling overwhelmed


We all live busy, typically modern lives. In a world of constantly expanding and improving technology, changing job sectors and differing, non-traditional approaches to parenting, we are in an age of doing and having it ‘all’. As a result we become very overwhelmed without realising it’s happened. So, what are the questions you need to ask if you’re overwhelmed?

Am I doing too much?

Naturally the first question will be about your workload. If you are doing too much, you will obviously become overwhelmed. For a normal working week, monitor the tasks you take on, including at home, in the workplace, for friends and family and anything extra. Keep a detailed diary on how many hours it requires to complete and what skills and effort the tasks involved. Look back over the week and think carefully about how much you are doing. It’s very easy to blindly do overtime or help out relatives on instinct out of love. To establish more balance in your life visit our planners and checklists section for guidance.

Am I looking after my health properly?

Neglecting your physical health will cause your mind to become fatigued, and lead to feelings of overwhelment. You are more tired and worn down, and therefore you are less able to cope with daily life. Dedicate specific points of your week to relaxation and recuperation, and it’s crucial to stick to the routine for the sake of maintaining your health. It’s tempting to think that other things should be prioritised over you, and time is money, but not looking after yourself in the long run will mean you eventually can’t work at all. Always visit the doctor when something concerning comes to your attention and eliminate all risks. Even the most harmless and innocuous looking things can be symptoms of very serious illnesses.

Are my relationships healthy?

People feel overwhelmed when they are emotionally out of sorts, because it has become difficult to concentrate on important matters at hand. If there’s something bothering you about your partner, children, parents, relatives, friends or employers, make sure you communicate it. Learn to recognise which tasks are of the most importance to complete in order to make the others easier to do – they are often the quickest to do, or the matters of the heart. Not dealing with matters of the heart can cause you to emotionally deteriorate, and paves the way for mental illnesses such as depression. Looking into counselling, if appealing to your nature, is highly recommended so you can logically sort through what your emotions struggle to.

Do I suffer from anxiety?

Feeling overwhelmed is a recognised symptom of anxiety disorders.[5 Triggers of anxiety] The extra propensity for nervousness, paranoia and impatience means the brain tries to consider and solve all of your issues at once, which leaves you overwhelmed. Anxiety can be difficult to manage due to the physical symptoms, such as increased heart rate, shaking and excessive sweating and in extreme cases panic attacks.[How to stop a panic attack] Ensure that you are equipped to deal with the physical symptoms and it may help you to focus on alleviating the mental symptoms. When you are overwhelmed by what to do, make an effective to-do list, noting down the definite positive outcomes for each one upon completion. Remember that all your tasks have certain factors to them – there are times when you can’t do them, when you’ll need help from others, when they require certain equipment or need to be done in a certain setting. Remind yourself of all these factors so you can plan when to do everything – it can’t and shouldn’t be done all at once.

The key to overcoming overwhelment is organisation. There are only so many hours in the day and so many days in a week, so work with time and not against it. Don’t try to do the impossible, but do your best. This is your life, not a mission to complete, so take the time to appreciate and enjoy it.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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