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The Sky’s the Limit!


Nobody intends to live an average life, our dreams are limitless and it’s impossible to put a restriction on thought. But somehow, the constraints to live a ‘realistic’ life require us to box off those dreams as ‘unachievable’. Why not settle for something reliable?

The problem is, although we reserve ourselves to a safe lifestyle, we are unable to close down our imagination that stills yearns to dream big. There is never an expiry date on when you can start to live your happiest life, after all, the sky’s the limit.

Stumble upon an idea

Brilliant ideas don’t start from hours of intensive thought, they often come to us in the most offhand moment. It’s important for us to grasp these ideas and write them down. From there you have your base. Whether you feel there is an area in your job that could be made stronger, or you have observed a niche market from your own experiences. If the idea came to you in a logical train of thought there might not be a reason why it could not logically be put into practice.

The greatest way we develop our ideas is to pull from our experiences, and this can mean putting yourself out there even if you’re not sure where it might help you along the road. Steve Jobs took a calligraphy class whilst at university;, 10 years later he used his knowledge from this to create a key typeface feature in his first computer. Opening yourself up to many new experiences will inspire you in many different ways, creating a perfect collection of knowledge that could help create and develop your dreams [How to find the power to become what you dream of].

Your CV is not your life

There is a tendency for people to believe their CV represents their character as a whole. Perhaps your lack of academic qualifications lowers your confidence about what you can achieve, forgetting the fact that for the past 35 years you have acted as a carer for your parent. When it comes to defining your own career path [3 reasons you need to set career goals today], you need to value your skills as a whole, whether that be in or out of the workplace.

Incredible empathy for others wouldn’t find a place next to ‘efficient computer skills’ in your strengths section, yet a quality such as that can have extreme value in so many businesses[Why empathy is a top business skill]. Sometimes it’s difficult to objectively evaluate your strengths, therefore it could be useful to ask those you’re closest to what they think your strongest traits are. You could be surprised what you find out, and it will act as a guide on where you are best to employ these in your ideas.

A failure is not set in stone

There is no difficulty in finding reels of advice giving us a step by step process for overcoming failure. Unfortunately we cannot help but to take it as a personal reflection of ourselves. One failure – , and sometimes they can be big – can make us feel as though it is the full stop to that chapter in our lives. A failure is a comma, a pause whilst we adjust ourselves before continuing. You will be hard pushed to find a single successful person who has not encountered their fair share of sometimes devastating failure. But in this pause on your progression in life, it shows you what is inessential around you for happiness, and what is. A failure is a chance to extract your core goals from the rubble, and start again with a stronger foundation on which to build your ideas from. There is no better way to learn about yourself that by the way you deal with failure [Why does failure come before success], it quickly becomes apparent what tools you do and don’t have. It could be a nudge onto a different pathway, not a nudge off the pathway all together.

Passion is your engine

The jets of fire that act like a motor to your ideas is your passion. Passion for what you love is 12 hour days, endless phone calls, notepads of ideas and an ever present ferocity for succeeding. No other power will be enough to materialise an idea into reality. Once it’s there, being able to motivate and instil that passion in others is the next step. If you have the ability to communicate it, then the sky’s the limit from there onwards. If you want to discover your passion for life, love or work then visit our Self Discovery eBooks for an indulgent journey into yourself.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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