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The statements that can ruin your life!


We are all culpable of using the next statements harmlessly in a range of situations, but it can create unnecessary tension and if we are to be truly dramatic it may even ruin your life!

I’m too old to…

Aside from attending school or getting children’s meal deals you are never too old to do anything. Some of us genuinely believe it, but others use it as a safety net to stop doing the things that scare them. At what period of our lives are we the right age? Our 20s? Our teens? The perceived gap where we must fit in all of these things is exceptionally small, what are you supposed to do past 30 if you are ‘too old’ now for everything else?

Your career, relationship or family should all be flexible to change. Every time you find yourself using the ‘I’m too old’ excuse, try and give yourself 5 reasons why this ‘age’ would stop you doing it. If you can’t, then go for it. The great inspirational stories you hear from people who have conquered things later on in their life are just because they refused to sign themselves off as old.

I can’t do it…

‘I can’t’ is doubting your own ability to do something, even if you might enjoy it. Once again it’s a simple safety blanket that keeps us away from new experiences. Instead of not being able to do it, is it not because you choose not to?

‘I can’t apply for the role of manager’. Technically, unless it’s physically impossible, you can do anything you like. So the fact that you haven’t done something is because you have chosen not to, but to face up to the fact you are fearful of something is harder to do. If you choose not to do something because you don’t want to that is fine, but taking a few risks here and there could really introduce you to new experiences you never thought you would enjoy. If you need help in moving from I can’t to I can then speak to one of our life coaches or watch our Video Moods series.

I wish…

When you wish for things, do you really want them to happen or do you just believe that is what you should say? Some wishes unfortunately are unachievable, but those little ones where you ‘wish you could stop eating chocolate’ or ‘wish you had someone else’s job’ are within the realms of possibility. Every time you truly wish for something, write it down and think about how you can complete it or at least achieve something similar. A lot of the time we believe that our life is given to us and we must deal with what we’ve got, but you do have the ability to change it if you are pro-active.

Avoid these statements and you never know; you may not ruin your life instead it could take an unexpected turn for the better!


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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