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The woman who taught me to never lose faith


My dearest Auntie Sarah* was an unmarried sister of my Dad’s who lived with us as I was growing up, what would have commonly been termed many years ago as the spinster of the family. Sarah* was a silent partner in our family business but also worked at a local cinema, where another Auntie was the manager (we liked to keep things in the family). I had a particularly difficult time as a young child because of my abusive brother. Sarah* and I shared a bedroom as I grew up, and she was ‘always’ there for me, she was patient, kind, loving, had tremendous foresight and integrity, and had the kind of intuitive intelligence that was unerring and almost always correct. I have such memories of her, and if Sarah* said ‘don’t do that it’s wrong, or harmful, or unkind to others’ then you just didn’t do it.

The most important thing that she taught me before her untimely death in 1993, is that nothing is ever going to be, or is, the way you expect it to be; sometimes it will be better and on other occasions it will be worse, but you should never lose faith in yourself or others, and always give others the benefit of the doubt unless they prove you otherwise.

Both Sarah* and I knew that she was dying of cancer, and we always teased each other that if there ‘was’ an afterlife she would let me know, – and she has on many occasions. When I took the last photo I had of her, we both knew it was probably the last, and she gave me her special smile as she had all my life when I needed support, love or help. She taught me to be strong, stand my ground and always smile, even in the face of adversity. I would give everything to spend one more day with her. But she is with me and I know she’s there.

If a woman has inspired you and left you with an important life lesson or positive message then please share your story here.

*names changed


Photo Credit: Copyright: petarpaunchev / 123RF Stock Photo

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