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8 signs you are unappreciated at work


There’s a fine line which dictates whether you’re unappreciated or not. Sometimes it can be your attitude that makes you feel this way, from needing constant approval and praise to being more work shy than you believe. Nevertheless, sometimes you are plain unappreciated by other staff and managers. If after some honest self-critique and assessment of your work you still feel like you’re not respected enough for what you do, consider these eight signs carefully:

1) When you deliberately give someone else the credit and no-one speaks up for you

This is a trick to pull when you work in a very close environment with others. Work hard, make your key contributions and note them down privately. Be honest with yourself about what you did. When asked to assess team performance on a completed task, give credit for something you did to someone else which is obvious for other team members to see. If they accept the credit and others congratulate them, you’ll know people are happy to throw you under the bus for personal gain and you’ll know not to tolerate it ever again.

2) When overworking is a habit and not an exception

Overworking [What to do when you feel overloaded] can happen in particularly busy times at your workplace, for example at Christmas, but as long as there’s clear communication between you and your boss and all aspects of the overtime have been agreed on, everything is above board. If you are regularly being overworked, there’s a chance you’re being exploited. Maybe you’re a good, enthusiastic worker, but you also have rights to turn the work down if it’s not contracted, especially if you’re made to feel overtime is expected of you, such as being called in the night before.

3) When you’re nice to everybody and still get mistreated

Make a concerted effort in your workplace to be genuinely nice to everyone. Make conversation, be proactive and attempt to really show your appreciation for people and expect nothing. The laws of reciprocity state that when we receive unwarranted kindness without agenda, we automatically give it back. If you still get unfair treatment from work colleagues despite being pleasant to work with and doing your bit, you’re not being appreciated.

4) When people forget what your workload is despite assigning it to you

Some people become relied upon for unwavering consistency and commitment, to the point where superiors run away with depending on you as a worker. Keep track of all conversations they have with you and if they keep assigning you work despite clashes with other commitments or forgetting about work you have to do, they don’t respect your schedule or capabilities. Additionally, there are possibly other colleagues who aren’t stepping up like they should.

5) When you apply for another job and the reaction is too positive

Sometimes people apply for other jobs just to put pressure on their current workplace to convince them to stay with a fairer deal to accommodate the work they do. If your boss is too quick to congratulate your move forward and wishes you luck without offering some alternatives or negotiations, that is definitely not a sign of being appreciated by them. If you are looking for a new job, visit Tools for Life and the New Job eBook.

6) When you do the same work as someone paid more than you

Keep note of all the tasks you do and the skills required by you to do them. Compare them others of the same level and one level above from you and assess your responsibilities. This way you can see how fairly you’re being paid for your workload. If there is an inconsistency, you need to negotiate with your boss a fairer package, whether that means a reduced workload or increased pay.

7) When your working conditions aren’t regularly checked or improved

Workplace conditions must always be regularly checked and improved, even refitted, consistently every few years or so. You’re owed a safe, secure and presentable work place. If you notice other sections being modified and yours has been unchanged for some time, your section of work isn’t being appreciated like it should be. File reports of improvements and repairs that need to be fixed and follow up on it every few months.

8) When you gain favour from someone when they’re on top

Be careful of narcissists – they only sing when they’re winning. You may feel appreciated when all the compliments come rolling in at a time when their personal success is at a peak, but you’ll find they aren’t really assessing your work, but taking care of their own. If you perform well whilst they’re not doing as good and they give you heat or ignore your progress, you’re not appreciated.

Lack of appreciation can fortunately be solved easily if you have your evidence and remain a hard worker. You have worker’s rights and you should look out for number one. Keep track of all instances of unacceptable behaviour or events surrounding you and be confident enough to address them. In more serious circumstances, such as abuse from a colleague, you could be entitled to compensation.

If you find that you struggle with being assertive or communicating your needs at work then visit our Video Moods section for some extra support and advice ‘on the go’. If all else fails, find work somewhere else where you will be appreciated. If everyone aimed to get what they deserved, all workplaces would improve promptly.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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