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11 ways to be memorable


Everyone has done everything these days, it’s difficult to find an original thought. So what can set us apart from the rest of the crowd? Here are 11 ways to be memorable:

Be honest

You want to be remembered for you, don’t try to behave like someone or something that you are not. The first 10 seconds is all that you have for someone to make a decision on your character, so make sure that they have a taster of the real McCoy! [10 reasons why you should always be your unique self] If you do not give out an honest representation – and even possibly resign to being agreeable or passive aggressive- then you will quickly be forgotten or remembered for the wrong reasons. Your real opinions and thoughts are the ones that will have a lasting imprint on other people’s minds.

Be kind

A kind person establishes our trust quickly and causes us to associate them with warmth and positivity. Kindness also creates an energy that has healing powers and can leave a lasting impression. Being kind can also come back to you in ways that you’ve never imagined, with the smallest acts of kindness having the power to make a monumental difference to others’ lives. Don’t underestimate the impact and length that kindness can travel. [5 ways to be kinder to yourself]

Take advantage of your opportunities

Make the most out of the situations you are presented with because you never know what they could open up for you! Being stuck in the lift with your boss or approaching someone in a bar is a chance to stand out. A memorable person is one who seeks out people and makes themselves heard, it won’t just happen by accident. [Why the power is within you to succeed]


Wear your emotions on the outside, introduce yourself with a smile and a solid handshake. A smile is infectious and immediately makes others feel at ease, a genuine smile can light up a room and establishes a natural connection.

Offer something of value

By listening carefully, you can give back something that the recipient will care about. Whether it is a piece of knowledge that you have acquired, some research that you have done, or even just offering a hug (in the right situation), will make you memorable as you are being considerate of that other person and they will feel appreciated.

Ask questions

An age-old technique in interviews to be recognized is to ask good questions, but there is no reason why you can’t apply this to other areas of your life. When getting to know new people, think carefully and ask relevant questions. Before you know it you may have found that the person you are talking to has shared more than you could have imagined. Your ability to allow them to share will stay in their mind.

Share your passions

In this world you are dealing with a lot of competition so instead of wasting your time trying to be ‘better’, try instead to share your true passions to stand out from the crowd. There is nothing more genuine and infectious than someone who speaks out about something that they truly believe in, it can inspire others to follow.


A respectful person is well respected back, and especially in the workplace showing someone respect will make you remembered for that quality which, when it comes to progression, is valued extremely highly. When you first meet someone, remember to show appreciation for the other person’s journey, demonstrate that you have actively listened to them by feeding back what you have heard the other person saying through re-stating or paraphrasing in your own  words as confirmation. [5 behaviours people don't respect]

Don’t give too much away

Handing out your life story, hopes and work history to the first person you meet might be memorable, but sometimes for the wrong reasons. Being memorable is giving away enough to keep people interested, but leaving them feeling they want to know more. Managing this balance creates the best potential to stay in people’s minds, and can be successful in both work and relationship situations.

Believe you are

If you doubt the strength of your own character, how do you expect other people to remember it? Believe you are memorable, and you will be. [Why do we feel inadequate?]

Follow up

Being memorable extends beyond the meeting itself. Taking the initiative to follow up on the meeting with something useful to continue the conversation will ensure that you are not forgotten. (Unless you want to be of course)

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This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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