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What is stopping you from being confident at work?


There are many different types of confidence, and it is more than possible to be confident in one area of life but lack confidence in another. With your family and friends, you might feel comfortable and collected, but in the workplace it’s another story. It’s understandable – you’re in a professional environment and feel more pressure to perform [The 6 things preventing you from succeeding]- but a little mental reboot can help you see work from a different perspective. Here are some issues that are stopping you from being confident at work, and how to overcome them:

Going for sainthood

Perfection is an unrealistic expectation in life at large; at work it is an even more unrealistic an expectation than usual. If you’ve worked long enough, you’ll know that your to-do list can chop and change at any moment. Plans get ditched, new methods get taken on board, and you have to adapt. Part of the process of being employed is trying to be creative, rather than getting it right all the time. Be confident in your opinions and ideas, rather than confident in your ability to be right. If you work hard towards finding the best solution, and support the chosen solution, you are on the right path. If you struggle with trying to be a perfectionist visit our Video Moods series for some bite sized strategies and guidance.

Trying to be superhuman

Remember teamwork – if you’re starting to think too widely about your job role to the point it seems impossible, chances are you’re thinking about tasks that are somebody else’s responsibility. Ground yourself. It’s promising to be aware of the wider job at hand, but stick to your main tasks and do them really well. You will stop feeling confident at work if you take on too much and do a mediocre job, rather than taking on the right amount and doing a great job. Furthermore, you won’t necessarily be looked upon highly for helping everybody out – they could take credit for your hard work in the end! [How to be confident when facing work challenges]

Settling for second best

Doing the bare minimum – clocking in, completing a day’s work, clocking out – might seem like the ideal, but it can eventually damage your confidence. It might feel like the easiest thing to do, preventing you from getting sucked into the bureaucracy of your job, but it also limits you. The less involved you are with your place of work, the more you’ll get forgotten and the less you’ll develop. You’ll enter a point of stasis where you’ll start to believe that you can’t go any further than you are because you aren’t capable of it, when the truth is the complete opposite. In this case, you will become more confident at work if you allow yourself the chance to try new things and take a proactive role. [Learning to be assertive] 

Comparing yourself to others

If your job wasn’t important somehow to your company or organisation’s structure, it wouldn’t exist. You have a unique opportunity to make a role your own, and you won’t do that if you compare yourself to others, who may have different responsibilities and therefore different abilities. Think of your own personal progress – you need to go at your own pace and demonstrate your improvement from your starting point in order to make an impression. If you’re able to chart and demonstrate to an employer than you’ve gone from entry level to mastering a certain sector, you’ll look more accomplished because you are more accomplished. For daily confidence building strategies via Videos, eBooks and planners join our club today.

Confidence is a state of mind and depends on the perspectives you have on different colleagues and tasks. Remind yourself that everyone you work with is a person before they are their job title, and also that you are a person before you are your job title. By getting more balance to your schedule and simplifying your approach, you can help yourself in overcoming issues greatly. Go back to basics in your thinking to be confident at work.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.