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How are you feeling?

What is the feeling of elation?


We are all familiar with happiness, sadness or stress. Rarely do we try to understand the finer details of how we feel and the specific emotions that are generated in reaction to situations we encounter in life. The more in tune we are with our feelings, the more we are able to fill our lives with the positive ones.

Elation is one of the feelings that we should learn to recognise, as it can be one of the most powerful! So, what is the feeling of elation?


The English dictionary definition of elation is ‘great happiness and exhilaration’ and with that in mind it is easy to think of a few situations in which we may have felt this. With such a powerful feeling as elation, it is something we believe we aren’t able to feel that often. However, once we identify what it is that makes us feel this way then we start to ensure it can happen more. An elated feeling can come from many things; some of these may be the same for everyone, whereas others can be just specific to you.

How do we feel it?

The big events in our lives such as our wedding day, job promotions and having children are times when we experience elation, which is expected because of the huge positive impact this has in our lives. However, it has been suggested that one of the ways we can feel elated is through witnessing people taking part in selfless acts of kindness. When seeing the better parts of human nature this can create that warm heightened feeling of witnessing something rare and special. It could be something you might have witnessed in the street or it could be a selfless act somebody has done for you.

How can we introduce it into our lives?

Along with working hard to achieve our goals and dreams, introducing elation in our lives means witnessing things that are happening around you. Often we will be so focused on our priorities and problems that we rarely take a minute to look outward and appreciate the positive things that are happening in the world. A moment spent people watching could be a moment where you witness a beautiful connection between two people.

Open yourself up to experiences that encourage positivity to be shared between people, as this will generate the most natural reaction of happiness within us. This extends to you also spreading this positivity through trying to help others yourself. The more you give to others, the more positive experiences and emotions you are likely to receive in return and so make an effort to put yourself into these situations in your life.

The feeling of elation is something that can take place on this very website, as strong support between women seen in our communities and goal setting network shows a display of many selfless acts and kindness every single day. The beauty of this feeling is that you don’t have to go far to search for it and moments that make you feel this way can be happening around you all of the time.


Photo Credit: Copyright: mrjames63 / 123RF Stock Photo

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