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What to do when you feel overloaded.


Feeling overloaded or overwhelmed can feel like the worst pain. Maybe you’ve had a family emergency, or a sudden misfortune with money, or life, in its random way, has presented the most random of problems. Amidst panic and worry for others, you neglect your own health in the process.

Whilst mentally drained, you also become physically weak. Sometimes it feels hopeless and with no solution because of how packed all areas of your life are, but these problems can be sorted. Regardless of what your reactionary and anxious mind tells you, life goes on and it will go on for you. Here’s what to do when you feel overloaded.

Make a plan

Having a million thoughts run through your head – the promises you kept, the tasks on your to-do list, the events you need to attend – will be dealt with much better if you organise them into a plan. Write them down and visualise what it actually is that you need to do. To organise all of your appointments, to do’s (and be congratulated along your way), budgets and much more visit our digital organisers to help get your day into order.

Give yourself time to calm down and think. Time is less pressured than you imagine. By seeing clearly what needs to be done, some things that you had worried about might emerge as unimportant. If you need help in organising your thoughts and tasks, visit our planners and checklists feature for assistance.


Now that you know what needs to be done, communicate. It is vital that you let the right people know how you feel, what you have to do and how you believe you can do it as soon as possible. You deserve to be listened to, and as long as you’re honest and have your plan as evidence, you can’t be punished or blamed for anything, especially if your concerns are to do with your family’s well-being.

Whilst they might be annoyed, it would be even worse to put off telling them or not tell them at all. For example, if your boss has set you a lot of deadlines, they would be angrier to see inadequate work rather than late work with a reason. Think about best case scenarios rather than perfect scenarios, because they don’t exist.

Do what you physically can

You’re a human being, so don’t dive into everything at lightning speed to get it done. Make priorities and stick to them. As long as you put serious effort into doing what you can, you’re not doing anything wrong. The worst case scenario of not doing something in the time-frame you intended is not as bad as you’ve convinced yourself. If it helps you feel better, think about the importance of this situation in a year from now. Will you regret putting other more important things first over things with smaller consequences? Definitely not.

Share the load if you can

If possible, try and break up your workload with a willing helping hand. Have faith in the goodness of people – there are plenty out there who are considerate. Whilst you may be overloaded, others may be having a quiet period in their lives, so don’t assume everyone is in the same boat as you. When you’re so concerned about your own problems, you forget that only you are you, nobody else. In the future, offer to help them out when you reach a quieter period. It’s good karma and is a gesture of general courtesy.

Take a break to recharge

Once you’ve got through all that you can, allow yourself a break. Book the time off work, arrange housekeeping or childcare (if necessary) and just go. If people understand your situation, they will understand your decision. Use the break as an opportunity to just be.[Methods for feeling calm and peaceful] Consider it a complete break from life as you know it and get rid of the stress. It is often stress itself which tricks you into thinking you’re overloaded when the reality is different.

Look after number one

Caring about other people’s needs is important but you don’t have to completely neglect yourself to achieve that. Eat well, sleep well, exercise and have me-time because it’s vital to your well-being. You can’t complete work or carry out the daily errands to standard if you don’t have the energy or concentration. This is what ultimately leads to burnout and feelings of being overwhelmed.

It’s perfectly okay to be emotional when feeling overloaded. Let the emotions out but don’t let them defeat you. We are often stronger than we think and can go some way into alleviating the difficulty of the situation, even if we can’t solve all of it. Don’t hide your feelings or try to face your problems alone, but understand that the world has just as much kindness as it has selfishness. Stay strong, because you can get through this.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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