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When is the right time to leave a relationship?


Leaving a relationship can be an incredibly hard thing to do, especially when you feel you have invested a large amount of time and emotion into it and you feel it is a big part of your life. However not all relationships work forever, some are fun and happy while they last but sometimes we begin to realise they are becoming negative and draining. Here are some important signs that it may be the right time to leave a relationship:

They Won’t Communicate with You

Communication in a relationship is fundamentally important. It allows both people to talk about their hopes and dreams, things they are sad or happy about, discuss problems in the relationship so that they can be rectified, or just to tell the other person about their day. If they won’t properly communicate with you, you can feel left outside in the cold and side-lined to what’s going on in their life, when as their partner you should be allowed to be their source of support and confidant and vice versa.

You Don’t Spend Time Together

If the spark is gone and you no longer enjoy or see the point of spending time together, then this can signal a natural end to the relationship. [Keeping the zing alive in relationships] A couple should share a laugh and a joke and happy times together. A strong couple have friendship at the heart of their relationship; you wouldn’t stay in contact with a friend you never wanted to spend time with, so why stay in a relationship with someone you don’t really enjoy being with? Passing like ships in the night can happen as we get busy, but if it is constant and deliberate it could be a warning sign to leave a relationship or at least to spend some time apart.

They Aren’t Appreciative of What You Do for Them

If they never say thank you to you and are unappreciative of the things you do for them, it shows they take you for granted. [5 signs that he doesn't care] Doing their laundry and ironing, making them dinner and always being there for them through thick and thin without their thanks can be very hurtful. We all need to feel loved and appreciated and should look to be with someone who is grateful for what we bring to the relationship.

There is a Lack of Respect

Respect is a cornerstone of a relationship. If you can’t respect their behaviour or attitudes, and you feel that they don’t respect you, whether it be due them being unfaithful meaning you can no longer trust them, or simply the way that they talk to you, you know that the relationship has been undermined.

They’re Controlling or Manipulative

If your partner is manipulative, guilt tripping you into things you don’t want to do, or is controlling and regularly putting you down, you’re not in a healthy relationship. A good partner should be supportive and encouraging to their other half, not intimidating, abusive or domineering. You should never feel scared to be in a relationship and you should feel proud to leave a relationship that makes you feel you are not allowed to be yourself.

If you can identify these issues in your relationship, it may suggest that now is the right time to leave that person and move on as it would be better for you in the long run. The right time to leave a relationship is when, for whatever reasons, it no longer makes you happy. Being in a couple should make you feel loved, appreciated and safe; no one should settle for less and allow a relationship get them down. If you would like some actionable advice on how to best manage your relationships that can really tap into how you are feeling, then visit our Video Moods section for expert answers to some of the most asked relationship questions. Or start defining what you want from a relationship with our self discovery guides here.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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