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Why empathy is a top business skill


There is a stigma associated with the business world that in order to succeed we must be cut throat and cold. There is no place for our own feelings, never mind that of others and in order to get to where we want to be we must only focus on ourselves.

However, in order to be truly successful in business, much relies on the relationships you build. One of these traits is empathy, and you would be surprised how vital it is as a top business skill.

What is empathy?

Empathy is the ability to recognise and understand the emotions of others and allows us to adapt our behaviour in order to comfort or care appropriately for them. It can be as a result of shared experiences or just a natural skill. It is crucial in the functioning of our relationships in life in order to make sure we can communicate synergistically with those around us. Whilst this level of feeling might seem to be irrelevant in the business world where decisions need to be made, it is vital to the success of the choices that are made, for co-workers or customers.

Empathy and trust

It can be agreed that trust is something needed in business; it is vital in relationships between co-workers as well as to those the services provide. For any business to be successful it needs to be trusted and this is reflected in those that represent it. If we believe someone is empathetic, then we can assume that they are less likely to put us in a situation where we might be hurt or mistreated, as they can understand what makes us feel this way. This is why we feel more comfortable entrusting someone with power that has the ability to do this, and so for public perception as well as for those in work, an empathic character is someone in which the biggest decisions will be trusted.

Empathy and decisions

Business requires us to make many decisions for the best of the company, and the best of the company ultimately means satisfying those whom are its customers. So understanding what is best for others, and what is wanted from us we need to understand their emotions. A lack of understanding of people leaves us completely inept at doing anything to satisfy them, which becomes a much riskier process. Someone who is able to consider how their words and actions effects others decisions means that the chances of their input being successful will be much higher, and it shows.

Empathy and results

Many studies [study] have time and time again proved the success of employing empathy and emotional intelligence in the business world; in L’Oreal those who were best at empathy sold almost $100 000 more than their other colleagues. This is just one of many examples that are squashing the idea that success in business must be a self-driven process. Effectively communicating teams that are able to adjust and understand those around them are more likely to work more effectively than a group of individuals working for themselves.

This new view on business is now becoming more accepted and with pioneering companies that pride themselves on a change in infrastructure and a variety of personalities, that quality of empathy is now becoming more desirable than ever.

Being successful in business isn’t about intimidation or power, and those who believe that are more likely the ones to find their life in business is very short lived. Having empathy is a top business skill, as well as being a skill we should employ in all realms of our life. To discover your hidden skills and talents that you can use for the working world visit our Self Discovery section.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.