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Challenge your Mindset

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How are you feeling?

Why the power is within you to succeed


When our personal experience is challenged it creates opportunities to extend our lives and our very existence. Our most difficult and sometimes most painful experiences can serve to direct us to new levels of self-awareness and learning, thereby Increasing our potential and opportunity to breakdown outdated thinking. These experiences are the ones that help us to grow, they create potential for achieving our bliss career, to expand our journey of exploration, or to extend our relationships. We learn most from the challenges that are a test to our boundaries, values and awareness at every level. It is this experience that, when it arrives, carries with it a degree of dis-ease that causes us to self-reflect and self-search, it can identify some obstacle or boundary deep inside of us.

By turning difficult experiences into a learning opportunity, we can become connected and enlightened, often, enabling others to do the same. Our connection and grounding is an influence that creates a better sense of ourselves, which is experienced by others with whom we come into contact with. This influence is powerful; it has a magnetic effect and becomes attractor energy, in all our circumstances. Change the energy (the thought) you change the outcome, expect wholeheartedly the most positive experience you want to achieve and you won’t be disappointed!

This is who we are; we are all, without exception, creative influencers of our own exciting journey. To be who we really are, trust the journey and the outcome. When we see a challenge in front of us our ideal is to see the challenge as being another avenue of opportunity and excitement to bring us closer to our self-purpose.
We are our own creators, our choice of perception and imagination determines the outcomes. The outcomes can be fabulous and exactly how we imagined! This attracts amazing opportunities to our relationships and our life’s journey on every level.

The role of visualisation in goal setting:

Our reality is that we can get lost, or feel that we are not capable of achieving what is being offered, this is when we realise that our past experience has given us self-limitations. Person centred coaching challenges those limitations by meeting you exactly where you are. The process of this type of coaching moves you at your own psychological and emotional pace, within your physical and spiritual needs, to enable you to see solutions. By working through any perceived obstacles and boundaries, you can create and change behaviour and learnings that no longer serve you, or what you want to be.

By setting goals and challenges, the coaching relationship gently nudges self-limitations to allow you to see some of the possibilities and potential. Through maintaining the necessary support systems emotionally, spiritually and physically, the possibilities are revealed and experienced in proportion to personal needs.

How to overcome the hurdles

The hurdles we face are just another thought away from being resolved. Time invested in our thoughts and the way we think and connect to the outcome is our creative resource to final achievement. We only need to look around us to KNOW that all we see was once a thought!
How amazing is this, our thoughts affect us on every level of being and existence.

Tips for reaching success

• Create an environment that maximize your visual thoughts and engage your emotions.
• Create a story board in pictures, placing them in prominent positions to make them daily visual reminders. You can help the process by sending your vision into the future in our Time Machine and check in with yourself as to whether what you visualised had happened.
• Decide to do something different weekly – engage with a new group of people, connect to likeminded people, connect with nature, visualise extending your connections to those you would most like to influence.

Our preparation is simple, align our psychological, emotional, spiritual, physical conditions with what we want to achieve.


Hazel Rowell Peverley

Hazel’s coaching expertise is grounded in 20 years of experience and a National, Business and Life coaching client base. She works with solution focused techniques, and by exploring the challenges, sensitivities and tensions we develop and progress to achieve results. It is important for a relationship to know and trust that there is change and shift in progress. Shared session summaries, record progress and demonstrate evidence based track record, valued by both the individual and commercial business contracts. Her qualifications include specific counselling and coaching qualifications, and professional recognition from HR & coaching bodies. She quotes her client’s success as her real achievements.


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