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Why you are losing your zest for life


When we’re younger, there are no responsibilities or past experiences which hold us back. We throw ourselves into as many opportunities as possible and enjoy them, whether a failure or success. It stands to reason that the more we settle and get into routine, the more likely that your zest for life will be lost.

There are ways to reclaim your zest [10 reasons why you should always be your unique self], but first it’s good to consider the areas in your life where it could have ‘got’ lost and the reasons why.


Zest is embodied by the challenge, and challenges career-wise are easier to find when you are younger. From perfecting the interview to passing performance tests, there’s a lot to get through before settling into your path. However, the challenges start to slow up, and the 9 to 5 routine has made you a slave rather than its master.

To get that excitement back, you obviously need a new challenge. Talk with your boss about opportunities for promotion or transfer, or perhaps consider completely changing direction. If you have a passion you could turn into business, clever research and dedication can’t fail you.


Houses can stop feeling like homes, and it’s not unusual to feel the four walls need a change. Home shouldn’t be your prison, but your retreat. Look into giving the house a makeover, or maybe consider a big move. If you’re equally out of love with the neighbourhood as with the house, make the plans to relocate to your dream place and property.


No matter how much we love our partners, relationships can still become stagnant. This doesn’t need a drastic solution though. All relationships benefit from communication, and honest communication is very important. It is often the case that the relationship can find its spark again, but was just neglected from life and other priorities getting in the way. Make your partner your priority. If you need some more support into ways to improve your relationship visit our Video Moods series for some tips and inspiration.


Your own zest doesn’t feel so important when you have children to worry about. Instead of making that a chore, see it as your chance for enjoyment. Children and zest go hand in hand and it can be infectious. Embrace their curiosity and fun-loving nature by getting involved with them. Get them to cook with you, play with them, visit places they will be fascinated by. You risk killing their zest by letting them sit at computers and games consoles too long.

Social life

If your social life feels dead in the water, it’s time to give it some resuscitation. The key to a good social life is quality not quantity. Plan free time in advance and do something different from the traditional options, from taster courses to adult classes. To make sure that you are scheduling some fun into your life use our event planner to start arranging your new and exciting social life ‘on the go’


You won’t feel particularly zestful when you’re tired, prone to illness and generally eating poorly. Give your health a big boost. Monitor your sleep and make sure you give yourself the chance to sleep enough hours. Sort out your diet and get a plan together to ensure three varied, square meals are a part of it.

Finally, add some form of exercise to your life, at whatever intensity you prefer. The best exercise is completed well rather than taking up a lot of time.

Losing your zest for life is sometimes inevitable in such a busy, fast-paced world we base our lives in now. It’s good to slow down and think about how you’re living and why. There are simple solutions to getting more out of life and some of them only take an hour of your time. You only live once, so live with zest.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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