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How are you feeling?

Why you may be feeling lost.


You’re sat down after a long day, trying to relax with just you and your thoughts, but something isn’t quite right. Whilst everything on the surface is in order, you’ve started to feel disconnected from it all. What is supposed to feel like home feels alien. You’re feeling lost.

The feeling tends to creep on us, but there are some of the main reasons feeling lost is enabled by your approach to life.

1) You’re motivated by the wrong things.

Doing things for your sense of personal satisfaction is important. It reminds you to value yourself, to not put yourself down and value the things that truly matter. If you are distracted by material gains, needing to win or bitterness towards someone, your priorities stop serving and concerning you. This will lead you to feel lost, because you’ll forget what you want out of life and feel unsure of your identity.

2) You’re forcing yourself to settle

Everybody wants security, and out of fear we sometimes strive for security before anything else. This leads us down a narrow path where we limit our goals and choices so much just for a false sense of comfort. If you find yourself feeling trapped in your lifestyle or feel anxious that things aren’t progressing quickly enough, you will start to feel lost out of a lack of patience.

3) You’re not used to being unstable

The freedom of life means that coincidence and fate can change the course of it in ways you didn’t think of. Being in limbo will happen when you make decisions in life. Some things need time to stabilise – from a new job, to a health kick, to a newborn baby. You’re feeling lost because you are, but you will find yourself again.

4) You’re trying to be someone else

There’s nothing more classically associated with an identity crisis than trying to be someone else. Essentially, we are products of what surrounds us, but sometimes you won’t find yourself in doing what others do. We have our individuality to cater for and you will eventually find one thing about somebody else that doesn’t agree with you. When you repress that individuality, you will become lost without it.

5) You’re thinking of a million things at once

Trying to organise and prioritise the different parts of your life will overwhelm you, and becoming lost amongst all the responsibilities and commitments you hold is easy to do.

Take a step back from your life and look at it. Does it make you happy? What do you want to improve? What do you need to let go of [Signs that he just doesn't care]?

Feeling lost will become harder the more decisive and proactive you are about your lifestyle. Aim to serve yourself everyday – if what you’re doing has no ultimate benefit for you, you need to move on.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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