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How are you feeling?

Your guide to feeling fabulous.


With the hustle and bustle of daily life – a combination of contributing to society, handling your responsibilities and about an hour of transport per task – you don’t really find the time to try and be fabulous when you do it.

When you think of a flamboyant word such as fabulous, you think of glamorous celebrities on the red carpet or outrageous performers who believe the bigger, the better. Fabulous comes at quite the conjunction with normal life, however that isn’t to say you can’t inject a bit of it into your life to add some sparkle. Feeling fabulous is to feel confident, vivacious, determined and that you’re looking good whilst doing it all.

Here’s a guide to feeling fabulous on the daily grind

Celebrate the little victories in a large way

Meeting a deadline at work, getting home after a long day, seeing a friend you haven’t seen in a long time – the kind of events we all love in contrast to working hard all day. Celebrate them.

This doesn’t mean getting banners out and throwing confetti everywhere, but it does mean allowing yourself to feel proud and happy. Life is about rewarding the good things that happen. Go out for dinner, coffee or drinks, or maybe a shopping trip. Do something fun in counteraction of the daily grind. Balance and moderation is the way to live.

Get beautiful

Make yourself look good in a way you think looks good. Ignore other people’s opinions – they don’t matter. Dress in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Put effort into your appearance. If you think it’s of benefit, go for a spa day or get a manicure or see a personal shopper. Whatever makes you feel good on the inside, do on the outside.

Inject fun into boring parts of the day

When energy levels are dropping at important parts of the day, like 4pm in the office, or a traffic jam on the way home, or even running the errands, now is the time to find the pick-me-ups. Put some upbeat music on, take a 5 minute break for a sweet treat and a drink or start a conversation on a more light-hearted topic with anybody. Add some vitality to what you do instead of going through the motions. If you have the attitude to seek fun in something, you will find it anywhere.

Find some inspiration

People’s energy levels tend to rise when they think of a person or figurehead who inspires them or who they care about. Think of all the compliments you have received and what for, and hold onto them. Think of people you admire for what they’ve achieved and aspire to have their motivation and attitude to life. Imagine yourself in their shoes, particularly the feelings they have when they achieve something. Seeing yourself in the mind’s eye of someone else should help you realise anyone can get anywhere with self-belief.

To share your dreams and experiences with others, and get on that path to feeling good about yourself, you could set a goal in our network and get some support from those who have been there while you are at it!

Fabulous is a state of mind. It’s not something you can put a physical description to, because so many different looks and ideologies of the past have perfectly encompassed what it is to be fabulous. It comes down to rigid, unwavering self-belief that you are worthy of appreciation and are happy just the way you are. Own your individuality when you wake up every morning and do what makes you happy.


Photo Credit: Copyright: andreypopov / 123RF Stock Photo

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