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Life Coach Services

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Introductory offer
Life Coach Session

Our Introductory Service

We will help to introduce you to a life coach who is best fit for your needs.

What do life coaches do?

Life coaches can guide, train, encourage and inspire you. The focus is on you and your individual journey throughout life.

How can a life coach be of help?…

In life we can all suffer from moments of doubt where a confidence boost or some extra guidance and support could make a big difference to our lives. By learning how to overcome obstacles and gain clarity of our direction, we can improve our levels of self esteem and self belief. By developing a better awareness and understanding of ourselves, we can enhance our relationships and have more success and happiness into our future.

Whatever your goals are a life coach can encourage and support you on your journey.

Where will the coaching take place?…

Coaching will take place at an agreed date and time via landline or Skype. Your introductory session will be 60 minutes in duration, thereafter the price & length is arranged directly with your coach. (landline UK only).

Please Note: Your reference number will be sent to you via email, and for subscribers, it will also be listed in your personal profile once the transaction has been completed.

Important Information

Once we have received your booking form, we will match you with the best available Life Coach in accordance with your subject and preferences.

PLEASE NOTE: This does not replace the services of Health Professionals, please also seek support from your GP or therapist.